Chuncheon Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships
President Seong-Chun, Yoo

Romantic Chuncheon with a nice mountain and clear water! Chuncheon invites the proud Taekwondo athletes from all over the world.

The Chuncheon Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships, which have been holding their ground over the past 22 years and continued to develop with the interest and love of many Taekwondo families, will be held.

From the first championships in 2000 till the present, it has established itself as an actual global sports festival that cements a friendship among Taekwondo athletes worldwide and develops sportsmanship.

I'm worried about how much Taekwondo athletes have been disappointed because of the economic slowdown over the past two years with COVID-19. So please come to the "2022 Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships" and show your ability through these championships.

This year has become a special and meaningful year by hosting the 2022 Asian Taekwondo Championships together. I hope it will be a significant competition as I think it is a cornerstone for a more extensive global stage in the future.

Based on professional and high-quality competition management with thorough quarantine rules, the Chuncheon Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships organizing committee is proceeding with all preparations suiting its purpose to raise our status as the origin of Taekwondo.

I believe these two championships will obviously inspire the pride of Taekwondo athletes worldwide, and I welcome the participation of many executives, athletes and coaches with open arms.

Let's all meet in Chuncheon in the summer of 2022 with great energy and prowess.